Welcome to BuildYourETFPortfolio.com!!!

We are very excited to bring this new website, it is a very nice complement to all of our other websites which discuss personal finance, retirement, dividend investing, technology investing, as well as various different properties.

Why BuildYourETFPortfolio.com?

Prior to the mainstream arrival of exchange traded funds (ETF’s), most of us investors were stuck with two options:

Pay a Financial Adviser to manage your retirement portfolio
Manage your money through stocks, bonds and mutual funds

In both cases, the costs were significant and your options were fairly limited. Good news, those days are gone. Thanks to ETF’s, it’s now easy to take control of your finances. There are so many reasons why you would want to do this:

Transparency (know where your money is at all times as well as the fees you are paying)
Flexibility (change your portfolio, invest or withdraw money)
Keep More (the most important factor is that you will have much reduced fees which will translate into much more money!! the power of compounding!)

So what will we cover on this website?


Systematic plan takes out the “human factor”

Your Situation (age, finances, risk tolerance, objectives, etc)

Initial Setup (open broker account, transfer funds,  setup automatic transfer )

ETF Asset Classes (Equity-Domestic, International, Emerging, FI, Commodity, Currency, Inverse, Active, etc)

Target Portfolio

Sample ETF Portfolios

  • Passive ones (aggressive, traditional, conservative, dividend/income based, etc)
  • Active (market neutral, global macro))

Tax Strategy for ETF portfolio investing

Currency Exposure (strategy, etc)

Filter ETF’s (objectives, issuer, volume, spreads, fees, tracking error)

Trades (when to tradeorder type (market, limit, all or none, stop loss, trailing stop), timing is not worth it, how to do it, etc)

Monitor (track progress, compare, etc)

Rebalance (when, how, etc)


Where Do I Start?

I personally think there are 2 different ways to go through all of the material:)

#1-You can go through all of the website – There is a lot to go through and you might have some questions in the process but I think you will find a lot of very valuable content that can guide you through.

#2-You can join our free newsletter that will send you weekly steps that guide you through the process of building your own ETF portfolio. It is 100% free and presents the information in a more structure manner.