A Systematic Plan Takes Out The Human Factor

By: Pete
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Being spontaneous has great advantages and can get you to accomplish many amazing things in life. Building an ETF portfolio would not be one of those however. While there are many important benefits to building an ETF portfolio, one of the downsides is that it can take some time and does require a few steps to put in place. We do offer a step-by-step to get you started in our free newsletter:

Why is it important to be systematic? Because building and maintaining any type of investment portfolio is a very systematic process! What are some of the steps?

-Define/Update Current And Future Needs
-Review Current Assets
-Determine Ideal Asset Allocation
-Determine Trades To Do
-Execute Trades

Any beginner would also need to add steps in order to:

-Open Brokerage Account
-Transfer Money to your brokerage account
-Setup an automatic money transfer

How long will it take to setup everything? If you could do one thing after another, you could surely have everything setup in a day. The problem of course is that you can’t. There are steps that require you to wait for forms, sign them, send them back, etc. It requires patience but the reward is that once you are setup, you are pretty much ok for life.

Set A Schedule

To get started, it’s all about following the different steps required. Once that is done, you can setup a specific time of the month where you will review your holdings and then review your objectives and overall asset allocation once or twice per year ideally.

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