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Build Your ETF Portfolio – Tools

By: Pete | Date posted: 05.17.2012 (9:07 am)

I think the primary ressource that you should be using to guide you through building your own ETF portfolio is our very own mailing list. It is free to join, will give you detailed steps in order to get it done as well as updates about ETF’s, sample portfolios and more, you can easily join here:

What else do you need in order to get started? First off, a brokerage account where you will hold your money, positions and be able to do rebalancing trades, etc. We currently recommend the 2 following brokers:

Canada: QuestTrade

US: ScottTrade

The next step would be to find good resources to filter ETF’s:

ETFDB ETF screener

We will be adding more resources over time and would love to hear about any tools that you have found useful. Please be sure to contact us !