Sample ETF Portfolios

By: Pete
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As you can imagine, there are hundreds and probably thousands of different possible portfolios that can be used. The possibilities are almost endless, especially when you start looking into adding more commodity or other alternative assets. Even if you stuck to a simple retirement portfolio, there are a large number of possibilities. Before looking at the different type of portfolios that can be built, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our asset allocation post, in order to determine what type of portfolio you should be looking for.

As well, we highly recommend that you join our free mailing list that will provide you a step-by-step to help you build but also maintain and improve your portfolio. Obviously, as time goes by, the sample portfolios that we have here will be updated so the mailing list will be a great way to stay up-to-date.

Here are a few of the sample portfolios that we currently have:

Retirement Portfolios

Canadian ETF Portfolio (less than $10,000)
Canadian ETF Portfolio (more than $10,000)
US ETF Portfolio (less than $10,000)
US ETF Portfolio (more than $10,000)

Income Based Portfolios

Canadian Income Focused ETF Portfolio
US Income Focused ETF Portfolio

Aggressive and Actively Managed ETF Portfolios

Global Macro ETF Portfolio (coming soon)
BRIC ETF Portfolio (coming soon)
High Growth ETF Portfolio (coming soon)
Commodity ETF Portfolio (coming soon)

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